Project - Wheels on Vehicles

Course In Progress

Project - Wheels on Vehicles

Course In Progress

Drawing wheels on vehicles is an excellent way to practice cylinders and reinforce what we've already learned.

Level 1

Draw a simple car, bus, RV, or truck focusing on the wheels.

  • Add a spare tire on the front or back to practice cylinders in different orientations.
  • Use photos for inspiration, not for direct copying.
  • Draw your vehicle from a slightly different angle than your reference to practice perspective construction.
  • Make vehicles toy-like, simplifying details and focusing on perspective.
  • Start with the side view silhouette in 3-point perspective, then extrude it.
  • Construct wheels by approximating square planes and drawing ellipses within. Give them thickness!
  • Experiment with the same vehicle from multiple angles or different types of vehicles.

Level 2

Include at least one tank in your drawings to practice cylinders along all three axes.

  • Tanks should primarily be constructed out of boxes and cylinders.
  • Add simple details like headlights, a window, or more guns for enhancement.
  • Use the X method to ensure consistent wheel sizes.

General Tips

  • Keep lines light and clean in early stages to avoid messiness.
  • Apply "X-ray vision goggles" to visualize and construct internal parts.
  • Remember the techniques for constructing cylinders inside boxes.
  • Review previous lessons if necessary to refresh on the concepts.

Deadline: Submit by 03/28/2024 for a chance to be in the critique video!

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