Welcome to the Proko Roadmap! Here's is a list of features we're focused on developing right now in order of excitement level.

Our primary mission is to make Proko the most direct route for art students to become professionals.

If you'd like to make a suggestion please contact us.

  • Timer Tool

    Create timed drawing sessions from reference photos. You can use the model packs you've purchased from or upload your own images. Select the image sets you want to include in your session, quantity, and duration, and start practicing. After you're done, upload your drawings to the community for feedback!

    DONE! Check it out: Timer Tool

  • Direct Messages

    Message your classmates and instructors privately.

    DONE! Start messaging in the chat bubble at the top right.

  • Improve Design of Browse Page

    We're trying to make it easier to find the courses, lessons, tools, and instructors you're looking for, all one a single page.

    DONE! Find the Browse page at the top menu. We also made a Netflix-stlye home page :)

  • Livestreams

    Instructors will be able to schedule livestreams directly from Proko and push it out to other streaming platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch. It will feature a chat window that populates chats from Proko as well as the other streaming platforms all in one place. Students can add upcoming streams to their classroom to be notified when they begin.

  • Workshops

    Instructors will be able to teach group workshops with custom Tiers of participation by the students. Lessons can be a combination of pre-recorded videos and livestreams. Workshops will have limited enrollment capacity to ensure everyone gets personal attention from the instructors. Students have access to replays for a time period specified by the instructor.

  • Private Mentorships

    Students will be able to get private 1-on-1 attention from instructors. Get a single session or subscribe to regular meetings. Instructors can create a calendar of availability for students to schedule appointments. Sessions can be conducted directly on Proko via a private livestream where files can be exchanged. Instructors can also offer direct messaging for the students to send drawings and questions between sessions.

  • Paid Critiques

    Students who don't want to enroll in a full course or workshop, can post their work in the community and pay for a guaranteed critique from a Proko-approved critiquer.

  • Challenges

    A dedicated section of the website for Proko challenges. The goal is to create a UI designed for a better experience during each stage. Signing up for a challenge, posting updates, viewing participant entries, community voting, judging process and winner spotlight.

  • Mobile App

    An app for iOS and Android so students and instructors can more easily access Proko from their phones. Note: until then, the mobile browser version of Proko is actually pretty good :)

  • Improve Design of Community Page

    We will move away from an old fashioned forum design to improve the user experience with a layout that is more suited for group learning. It will make it easier to discover the discussions you're interested in, and like-minded classmates.

  • And some more ideas for later. Maybe?

    Study Groups
    Top-rated critiques
    Draw-over critique directly in discussion
    Goal paths
    AI critiques

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Thanks for helping us make Proko one of the top art communities in the world.
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