Project - Organizing Line Weight

Course In Progress

Project - Organizing Line Weight

Course In Progress

In this project, we'll practice organizing line weight in our drawings.

Level 1 - Trace

Trace over the provided linear version of the photo to avoid getting distracted by proportions. Trace it twice, using two different line weight approaches discussed in the last video:

  1. Hierarchy of importance method - Heavier on the contours of large and important shapes. Lighter on details within.
  2. Shadows and light direction method - Reference the original photo to identify the shadows.

Note: Don't use the depth and form method yet.

Level 2 - Draw from Observation

Level 2 students, in addition to the tracing exercise, try to trace it again, but imagine the light coming from a different direction IF you’re ready for that.

Then, draw from observation, focusing on line weight. Choose objects around you and draw as many as you'd like. If you draw a landscape with a clear foreground, middleground, and background, you can use the depth approach to line weight.

Deadline for submissions to be included in the video critique is next Thursday (4/13)

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