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Quickly Draw Heads with the Loomis Method – Part 1

December 13, 20184 Comments

It’s been 6 years since I released my first youtube video on drawing loomis heads and now I think it’s time for a little recap and to give you some new info on it. In this video, I’ll do a few quicksketch studies of the average loomis head from different angles.

Part 2 will show you how to use a Loomis Head to fit any head type and Part 3 will show you an intuitive approach.

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  1. Robert Buchanan says:

    Hi Proko,

    Do you plan on adding these 3 new Loomis Method lessons to the Portrait Course Premium download page?


  2. William Knowles says:

    This should definitely be added to the premium Portrait course. Just to keep things organized.

  3. Rita Sciuto says:


    Do you sell the Loomy Styrofoam Head? if you do, please let me know and the price.



  4. Kendall says:

    Where can we find the original video of your loomis head tutorial?

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