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Pec Assignment Example – Invention

September 30, 20154 Comments

In the last lesson we learned the anatomy and form of the pecs. If you haven’t seen those videos yet, make sure not to miss them.

In this lesson we’re going to go over drawing pec muscles without reference using your imagination. This is based on the assignments from the previous videos. If you haven’t done the assignments yet, you can download the assignment images below:

joint assignment

Download Assignment Photos

For additional help, watch my critique session on the pecs. I go over student submitted work and provide insights on how they can improve their assignment examples.

Pec Assignment Examples

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Anatomy Assignment - Pec Invention

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  1. David Nehen says:

    In the Pec Assignment Example – Invention, it appears to me that Stan has extended the insertion of the pec just past the halfway point of the humerus. My understanding is that the pec insertion only extends about one-third distally. The example would place the insertion in conflict with the biceps, giving it more of a wing like look. The pec insertion should be tucked inferior to the body of the deltoid and superior to the origin tendons of the bicep. At least this would be my understanding of the anatomy involved in this lesson This said, I have found Stan’s anatomy lessons to be better than those I took in college in both anatomy and kinesiology in several respects. Keep the lessons coming!

  2. Hey David, you’re right. I extended it a tad too far in this example. I think it was because I was trying to exaggerate the stretching of the pec to the extended arm. But ya, I exaggerated too much.


    • David Nehen says:


      I have taught at almost every level from second grade through post doctoral lectures and have been a lifelong student. Your teaching style is very much appreciated by me. It is always fresh and enthusiastic. I have come to art late in life, and your lessons always inspire me to keep on learning. I never dreamed that putting pencil to paper could be so nuanced and engrossing.



  3. carol says:

    Sorry Stan! my brotherDave, just can not stop himself from showing the whole world how magnificent and proficient he is in “everything”. His artwork is at a level where he should not be commenting on any one else’s art. He has not earned that right. He should stick to drawing buildings. Something that has no room for error , or it could topple over. his sister Carol

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