Chapter 3 Assignment
Chapter 3 Assignment
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Fundamentals of Character Design

Chapter 3 - Visual Association

Chapter 3 Assignment


Chapter 3 Assignment

Using what you’ve learned about visual association, you’ll be designing 3 barbarians, 2 female, and 1 male. Each character should fit an archetype. One should be routine and orderly, but also timid and shy. Another should be a proactive and aggressive leader who is also selfless and warm. The final barbarian should be a kindhearted peacekeeper that is also slightly sadistic and cynical. You’ll also design 3 props to accompany each character. Take into account the character’s personality and the shapes that define them. I’d also like you to do 10 pages of coffee shop sketches, this time really focusing on shape design. You might want to try being a bit more cartoony and stylistic.
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