Proko Launch Party Schedule

🎉 Proko Launch Party Schedule

Welcome to the Party! To celebrate our launch we’re doing something every weekday May - June.

Special Guests

We’re gonna have some exciting guests! These artists will have new videos, launching new courses, doing some live streams, and AMAs.

Proko Challenge

We’ll have a special Proko Challenge with more prizes than usual. That will start Monday, May 24th. All these events by the way will be announced on the newsletter, our social channels, and right here on this page. You can always check back here for the latest updates with the Launch Party schedule.

Town Hall Livestreams

The first few Fridays Stan will do a Town Hall style livestream where you guys can come on to talk and ask questions about this new platform.

Rewards for Helping Others

Throughout May and June, every Friday, we’ll look at everyone that helped others in the community by critiquing and answering questions. We’ll select 1-3 people that really stood out and reward them with free stuff. Free courses, free proko skulls, art supplies, we’ll change it up!

Week 1

Today we launch the website. Hopefully it goes well... Once the site is up, familiarize yourself with everything and setup your profile! Go to the Art Lounge category in the community and introduce yourself. Talk to some people. Watch some lessons and maybe even upload an assignment for critique. Also, make sure you don't miss the Getting Started page. Have fun!
Stephen Bauman will demonstrate a portrait drawing from photo reference. His photo will be available to download on the stream page so you can draw along with him and post your drawing in the assignment tab under the video. Stephen and some Proko approved critiquers will be replying to your submissions with critiques.

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Sinix (Robert) and Stan will be answering your questions, talking about art education, and Proko 2.0 all while Sinix digitally doodles live! Maybe he'll even draw something from the comments... who knows?

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Scott Flanders will be launching a presale for his new mini course "Character Design Monsterlab". Also a free video lesson from the course will be available to watch today.

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We’re typically told to study anatomy so we can solve drawing problems. But TB Choi will show you the reasons she studies anatomy. She is able to solve space, character shape, exaggeration, character gestures and acting, and master studies. She finishes this packed lesson with career advice.

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Stan Prokopenko will do a Town Hall style livestream where you guys can come on to talk and ask questions about this new platform.

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Community Critique Winners: @Adam Wiebner, @James Doane, @Kahn

Week 2

Marco is launching a brand new course about COLOR! Today we'll also have a free video available about Color Vibration.
The biggest Proko Challenge yet! Judged by Karla Ortiz and $13,000 in prizes to 20 winners provided by, Wacom, Pixologic, Sentient Academy, Vision X Live, Strada Easels, Trekell, Karla Ortiz and Proko!

Read the Challenge Rules and Details
Draw-Along: How to Organize Values. Dorian will be teaching you how to break down a portrait into simple value groups. Proko will be selling a package of his new Values Guide along with his popular Accuracy and Light Guides.

Ask a question and watch the Livestream
4 professional concept artists (Patrick Ballesteros, Christina Cornett, Armand Serrano, and Kirsten Zirngibl) join us to talk about what it's like to work as a concept artist.

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David will be answering questions while drawing Stan and Marshall as superheroes!

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He also just launched a presale for his new course Creating a Comic Page.
Andrew is launching the presale for his new Proko produced Sculpting Basics course. He's also releasing the first lesson for free on the brand new Proko 3D Youtube channel. Make sure to subscribe to the new YouTube channel!

Watch Intro to Sculpting Lesson
Ahmed is releasing a new course about drawing the head and inventing skin tone. He will also release a free lesson from the skin tone portion of his course.

Watch the Lesson

View Demo Bundle
Stan Prokopenko will paint a portrait color study and answer your question about the platform, art, and learning how to draw.

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Community Critique Winners: @Yiming Wu, @Serena Marenco, @João Bogo

Week 3

Marshall and Stan will be hanging out and will be answering questions from the community

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Steven is releasing a new course on shading! He'll also be releasing a free demo from the course where he shows you how he shades tentacles.

Watch the Lesson
Secrets of Shading Course
David's teaches you about adding story to your character design to make it stronger!

Watch the Lesson
Fundamentals of Character Design Course
Andrew Keith will answering any questions you have about sculpting during the premiere of his new lesson on Bridgman and sculpting!

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Lane will be drawing and answering questions live! In the first part of the stream he'll warm up with some gestures, talk about procreate and his brushes and then do a longer 30 min demo. In the second half of the stream Stan will join him to ask him questions from the Proko community

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SLEW painted a portrait of Stan. He'll be releasing a video about his process of creating the painting, posting it in the Proko community, and getting critiqued by Stan.

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Jeremy Cranford works at Blizzard as Hearthstone Art Manager (former art director WOW TCG and Magic: The Gathering). He will be doing an AMA portfolio review in the Proko community. If you want to work as an artist in the entertainment industry this a your chance to get feedback from the person that hires artists! Get your portfolio ready. Post a few sentences about your goals and attach up to 10 images.

Go to AMA Page
Stan will do an oil painting of Skelly, combining the pose from a 3D render with the lighting from a photo of a skull!

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Community Critique Winners: @Gannon Beck, @Charlene, @Sonja Müller

Week 4

Cornelia will livestream a video of her painting a portrait while she answers your questions.

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Trent's new course teaches the pipeline that goes into ACTUAL production concept art for games. Today he will also release a free video on how to get into the gaming industry and make sure your portfolio is actually good for what you're applying for.

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Get the Course
Scott will explore ideas for a Harvestman themed video game! He will be engaging in the same process which is featured in his course, Character Design Monster Lab. He’ll be drawing in pencil on his trusty 11x17 paper, writing down notes, and taking suggestions from the community as he explores and develops ideas in real time, exactly the way he would do it on the job. Should be a good time :)

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Irshad from Drawabox will release a video lesson from his course "The Science of Deciding What to Draw".

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Get the Course
Irshad will answer your questions in the community about . . . Anything . . .
Go to AMA Page
Steven will sketch a creature from imagination while letting form drive the design.

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Community Critique Winners: @nothanks, @Nicole Lee, @Jahsee Mullings

Week 5

Ahmed will be digitally painting heads and faces while taking questions from the Proko community.

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Erik and Meadow will be answering your questions.

Go to AMA Page
For everyone who got the Figure Sculpting Fundamentals course, you'll be in for a nice treat!
Court will answer questions and take requests from the audience of famous faces to caricature. He will do several caricatures while demonstrating concepts from his Art of Caricature course.

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Ryan demos and talks about his process as he draws from the Proko Studio.

Watch the Lesson
Antonio Stappaerts, owner of Art-WOD, will be doing a livestream, answering questions from the Proko community, and providing photos so you can draw along with him.

Download the Photos and Watch the Replay
Marco will be answering your questions.

Go to AMA Page

Community Critique Winners: @Moonfey, @Gabi H, @Joey Vandemaele

Week 6

Aaron will be doing an animation demo while Stan asks questions from the Proko community.

Watch the Replay
Scott Flanders be answering your questions about concept art, character design, and . . . anything . . .

Ask a Question
Dom will be doing a digital painting demo while taking questions from the Proko community.

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Marco will be doing a demo while taking questions from the Proko community.

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Scott will be releasing a free version of his Hulk ideation from his course Monster Lab.

Watch for FREE here
Watch Tiffanie explain her process working with gouche.

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Community Critique Winner: @Steve Lenze

Week 7

Freelance artist Mitch Leeuwe demos a cartoon animal from start to finish. This coincides with the release of his How To Draw Animals Bundle on Proko.

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How to Draw Animal Characters Course
Stephen is back as we end the Proko party to draw and answer your questions.

Watch and Ask Questions
Stan and Marshall will be live to answer questions from you, the Proko community via discord.

Watch the Replay
Karla gives feedback on entries from our biggest Proko challenge ever. All winners will be posted in the Lesson Notes of Karla's reaction video

See the winning posters!
Karla will be talking with Stan and taking questions from the Proko Community.

Watch the replay
Ask me shading and portrait questions! It's the last day of the Proko party. Ask Stan questions while he does a portrait demo using his charcoal and graphite technique.
Also tune in for a final giveaway to you, our Proko community.

Ask Shading and Portrait Questions During the Livestream

Community Critique Winners: @Radoslav Todorov, @Dylan Gabriel

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