Understanding Light and Shadow for Painting
Understanding Light and Shadow for Painting
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Digital Painting Fundamentals

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Intro to Painting

Understanding Light and Shadow for Painting

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Understanding Light and Shadow for Painting

Course In Progress

Before we move on, lets take some time to practice.

Your assignment for this lesson is to do some studies of forms, focusing on their form shadows, cast shadows, and edge quality. You have three challenge options:

Easy Challenge: Use the provided reference and try to paint the forms as accurately as you can. Avoid merely copying what you see in the image. Instead, focus on understanding the direction of the light versus the direction of the planes and how they create shadows.

Intermediate Challenge: Change the direction of the light source from the provided reference and repaint those same forms from imagination. This challenge will test your ability to apply your knowledge of light and shadows creatively.

Advanced Challenge: Take a more complicated reference, such as a portrait, and simplify it down to planes. Render these planes and then, from imagination, change the direction of your light source. Try to paint the planes with the new light direction, showcasing your skills in painting complex objects without direct reference.

These assignments are designed to help you practice and apply the concepts covered in the lesson, ultimately improving your digital painting skills. Choose the challenge level that suits your proficiency and have fun exploring the world of shadows and form!

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