Practice: ModFac Hunting
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The Shading Course

Module 2 - How to See Light Effects

Practice: ModFac Hunting

Mark as Completed

Practice: ModFac Hunting

Mark as Completed


Let's practice identifying modeling factors!

Materials Needed

  • The project files
  • Either a printer and colored pencils 
  • Or your favorite image editing application such as Photoshop


  1. Decide whether you'll do this assignment digitally or traditionally, and download the project files.
    If you do it traditionally, you'll draw on the printout.
  2. Identify and label all modeling factors by drawing an outline for each of them and coloring in the area. For "Ambient Light Intensity", estimate a percentage. 0% is no ambient light at all, 100% is extreme ambient light Intensity.
  3. Upload your labeled image. 


This project should take 30–60 minutes to complete. Start with the sphere and if you want to challenge yourself, do the monkey afterward.


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