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The 5 Sins Artists Should Be Aware of – Draftsmen S2E27

October 20, 20201 Comment

Marshall talks to Stan about the different “corrupting” influences which can affect the purity of an art piece. Some problems affect the craft of your art, but others affect the spirit, undermining the meaning you are trying to convey in your work. These pitfalls, while hard to avoid, are something Marshall believes artists should be aware of as they pursue their careers. Learn how pandering, sentimentality, mannerism, frigidity, and didacticism can violate the spirit of art and how an artist battles between being commercially attractive to clients versus being considered a sellout and a hack.

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rembrandts mother painting

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ralph bakshi fritz the cat

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james gurney painting

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  1. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for your podcast!
    An example of a movie I found very didactic (even though it was a kids’ movie) is Happy Feet. The whole movie is pop music and following the life of a baby penguin with big name entertainers like Robin Williams. At the end, the penguin ends up at a zoo, dancing for people and they realize that they need to respect the environment more and protect penguins. It felt so abrupt and out of place with the whole rest of the movie and I remember leaving it feeling angry that they hadn’t been faithful to finish the movie they had started.

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