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Our Biggest Art Mistakes – Draftsmen S1E03

June 18, 20192 Comments

In this episode of the Draftsmen podcast Marshall and Stan talk about the biggest art and career mistakes they’ve made. Stan accidentally draws a fetus. Marshall attempts to insult Stan. The caller of the week asks about the best drawing and painting apps for iPad.

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  1. Anni says:

    Hey Stan and Marshall! In your previous episode (second I think?) you used ‘listening to podcasts’ as a segway to self promo but what kind of podcasts or talks do you listen to when you draw? Oh and thanks Marshall for all the name drops of cool courses and books, keep ’em coming!



  2. jim says:

    Love the podcast guys. always informative and entertaining.

    What about calling the phone in segment “Where do I draw the line?”
    Jim (from Hobart Australia)

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