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Lady Agnew is perhaps Sargent's most captivating portrait. It launched his career as a successful portrait painter and we are going to extract as many insights as possible during the master study series.

Lesson 1:  In this section we will cover the preparatory drawing for this master study. Our goal in doing a preliminary drawing is to make sure that when the time comes to study the color and value that our drawing will not hold us back.

Lesson 2: This is our first pass in color and it is meant to establish the principle color and value relationships. There is also a clear description of the materials in used so that you are prepared to work along.

Lesson 3: In this lesson I will break down each and every application of paint that will take us from a good start to a superlative finish.

There are 2 versions included with the purchase.

 A Real-Time Cut 

A 6.5+ hour real-time version. The only things we cut out were breaks and long pauses so that you can learn from the raw experience. If there’s any portion of the master study that you want to see in detail as it really happened, such as the eyes or hair, it’s in this cut. You’ll have the full experience and appreciation of the time and effort that goes into a master study of this scale.

 A Refined Cut 

A shortened feature that will include Stephen’s complete process from start to finish. From the hours of footage we selected the most essential parts and assembled them into a shorter cut to deliver as much information as possible in the quickest amount of time.

What you will learn
1Learn to make an accurate preparatory drawing
A minute by minute walk through of how to make a preparatory drawing for your master study.
2Learn how to see accurate color
Skin colors are hard to see and understand. In the course I will show you how I get accurate color every time.
3All about painting materials
Painting at a high level means using materials that will help you get there. In this course you will learn everything I use to get consistent results.
4Non-stop commentary
Painting is about choices, and when to make them. In this course you will get in depth commentary at EVERY stage.
5Group Critique
Bonus pre-recorded group critique explaining and fixing the most common errors made by students.
Premium Benefits
Exclusive Content
Only premium students get to watch the majority of instruction contained in this course. Little to no free content is provided.
A variety of exercises to help you practice what you've learned. After you do the assignments, you can post them in the community for feedback and see what other students are posting.
Step by Step Process
Watch step by step video demos from start to finish with educational commentary from the instructor. Most of us are visual learners (we’re artists!), so reading about it or hearing it explained is not enough. We have to see it!
English Captions
All videos included in this course have English closed captions you can turn on or off.
Money Back Guarantee
Contact within 30 days. We usually don't ask questions, but a request is subject to review if over 25% of content was downloaded. This is to protect our instructors from dishonest wardrobing and ensure a happy and thriving community.
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