Drawing Lessons from Heinrich Kley

14 Lessons
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8h 12m
Spanish, English
DISCLAIMER: While this course was recorded at webcam resolution during a live presentation from Marshall’s home studio, the core concepts and knowledge shared have immense value.

These Heinrich Kley Lessons from the 2022-2023 courses give you the best drawing instruction I have to offer with one of the best artists I’ve showcased in forty years of teaching. I think you'll like them. I’m sure you'll learn from them. (They are mainly from live online presentations, with expanded materials added)

If you aren't familiar with Heinrich Kley's work, check out this FREE video of Stan Prokopenko and I looking through one of his original sketchbooks! 


Session 1: Imagination

The two main lectures on Imagination spotlight how Kley worked. I introduce metaphors (Process and Flow) and showcase his ability to imagine living characters with physical and emotional sensation (Gesture & Empathy).

  1. Pre-Meeting with Feedback: Introduce Kley’s work, available resources, assignments, and exercises for study (FREE)

  2. Imagination: Process & Flow

  3. Imagination: Gesture & Empathy

  4. Feedback Session (Critique): Imagination (FREE)

Session 2: Drafting

These two lectures on Drafting Skills display Kley’s virtuoso knowledge of the anatomy and form of both humans and animals.

  1. Drafting Skills - Part 1

  2. Drafting Skills - Part 2

  3. Feedback Session (Critique): Drafting (FREE)

Session 3: Story

This lecture spotlights Kley’s characters and situations, with boiled-down lessons on staging scenes from Don Richardson’s teaching on acting and directing.

  1. Story: Staging and Scene

  2. Feedback Session (Critique): Story (FREE)

Session 4: Style

This set of lectures begins with a short video explaining how style includes composition as well as technique. We then look at Kley’s mastery of Pen and Ink, and how simple elements of style such as Line and Tone create combinations unique to specific artists. The final lessons showcase student examples of looking to Kley and other masters to find your own style.

  1. Kley’s Style: More than Technique (FREE)

  2. Style: Technique: Pen & Ink

  3. Style: Line and Tone

What you will learn
1Process and Flow
2Gesture and Empathy
3Drafting Skills
4Staging and Scene
5Pen and Ink
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