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Drawing Lessons from Heinrich Kley


Assignments for Imagination & Skill

Choose as you like from this list:

Improvisational Exercises - to rehearse fearless processReveries: Limit 3–10 minutes. Use a timer. OK to do them poorly.Preconceived: Envision ideas, draw them without stopping to think.Responsive: Generate abstractions and envision imagery within them.Gesture Studies: Draw 1–3 minute responses to favorite Kley images.Seek character impulses (emotions) and sensations (weight, movement, etc)

Analytical Studies - to develop your anatomy, form and design skillsIn response to Kley, create stick figures, simple-shape cartoons, and form manikins.On his drawings, seek anatomical landmarks and identify flesh/muscle masses.

Finished Images - to apply this month’s lessons to your artworkCreate 1–12 finished images influenced in any way by Kley.

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