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Anatomy Critiques – The Pecs

March 8, 20161 Comment
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The Pecs can be a difficult part of the torso anatomy to draw. Let’s make sure you’ve drawn them accurately. In this video I’ll critique student assignments from the Pectoralis Major lessons.

You can watch the lessons and do the assignments here:

How to Draw Pecs – Anatomy
How to Draw the Pecs – Form

For the full 37 minute critique video, check out the Premium Anatomy Course!

Premium Anatomy Critique for the Pecs

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  1. Marie Klein says:

    As a mature ballet dancer it is important to understand the anatomy. Doctors and physical therapist have not been able to explain my injuries or help me. Your explanations of the anatomy have opened up an understanding far beyond my hopes. I can’t thank you enough. You are amazing!

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