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Adopting Art Parents to Develop Your Style – Draftsmen S1E05

July 1, 20190 Comments

Stan and Marshall talk about adopting good “art parents” – the artists that inspire you and who will influence your style and technique. A caller asks how to establish a daily drawing routine that he can stick with. Marshall likes to Netflix and Chill with a good Coen Brothers film.

Call and Ask Your Art Questions: 1-858-609-9453

Marshall Teaching at the “Ancient” Inland Empire Brainstorm – concept design academy

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Marshall’s Art Parents:

Big Daddy Ed Roth
Roth Artwork

Albrecht Durer
Durer Artwork

Escher Artwork

Stan’s Art Parents:

Jeff Watts

Morgan Weistling

Steve Huston



Norman Rockwell

Be sure to check out more of Marshall’s art

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