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What Artists Should Know about the Gaming Industry (ft. Scott Flanders) – Draftsmen S2E13

July 14, 20205 Comments

Scott Flanders (aka Shapecarver) joins us as the first guest of the Draftsmen Podcast! He shares his good and bad experiences working in the gaming art industry, the dark side of working in a corporate environment, the challenges he’s faced to make it as an artist and family man, and how he’s been able to become an independent artist and entrepreneur doing what he truly loves.

Scott’s Website

Call and Ask Your Art Questions: 1-858-609-9453

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  1. Britt Snyder says:

    Hey guys,

    Hey guys,

    LOVE the podcast! Marshall… I never knew you had such a nice singing voice. I wanted to write in with a topic that would be interesting to get your take on (at least to me!).

    Even if you become an amazing draftsman, understand anatomy and color fully, handle paint well… there’s no still no guarantee that people will connect to your work. On the flip side, there are artists with a very limited technical skill set that make work that strongly resonates, often to the great frustration of their fellow artists. An example of where you can see this clearly is in music with say… a Bob Dylan, where the singing comes down to personality, message and connection. At the same time there are countless extremely accomplished musicians and songwriters playing in relative obscurity.

    What is the right balance of skill and training with art? You can’t skill your way into success when it comes to making paintings that connect with people. I’ve heard this complaint countless times from well trained and highly skilled artists getting no love for their work when they put themselves out there with personal work for art galleries. What is that “thing” in visual art that transcends skill and establishes a true connection with an audience? I’m constantly trying to find it myself and wanted to put it out as a topic I thought would be interesting to get your take on the topic.

    I truly love the podcast. You guys are really fun together and it’s a wonderful soundtrack to making art in this crazy time.


  2. Demi says:

    This is a really good and revealing episode, I really like the fact that he wasn’t jaded or miserable about his time spent with the good corporation.

  3. jack says:

    Hello, I am a developer of the Indian game: Abe Chup and For me, this game is freaking good man, wow, It’s a real global level game man, good work!

  4. Great insides that you must know when you enter the gaming industry. The most important is to remember where you start from.

  5. rehman says:

    LOVE the podcast! Marshall… I never knew you had such a nice singing voice. I wanted to write in with a topic that would be interesting to get your take on (at least to me!).CDDS

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