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Oh I love this movie! so I made this digital painting using @Marco Bucci 's techniques. It's so fun doing brushworks. Tell me guys what you think. :)) (1st pic- my work; 2nd pic- my ref)
mirabel and bruno 1
I am having fun learning David Finch's tutorials on yt cuz I couldn't afford lessons here yet. Any advice on my sketches?
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I enjoy using Marco Bucci's tutorials on this portrait.
florence pugh
I am obsessed with how Marco Bucci does paintings, so I kind of applied it with my portrait of Dominique Jackson.
elektra abundance
Since I was oil painting before I learned digital, I wanted to feel like I was painting traditionally, so I did this with only one layer and it feels awesome. Mine is on the left.
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It's either under or over the water, idk you pick. I did this months ago and I had fun doing this cuz of the colors. What do you guys think?
Fish Wisp
Hello! I'm just sharing what I did when studying Marco Bucci's technique. The character was from an art prompt generator. It's so fun doing this, still not done rendering though.
witch with lizard
witch with lizard 2