Spider-man: Across the spiderverse fan art
since the movie will be out soon, i thought that i could make an entry. I can't tell if this is finished or i still need to work on it. I could some critiques.
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Steve Lenze
Hey Raphaelle, I like the vibe of this piece, pretty cool. What I think you have to do when working out poses, is to fill it in to see the silhoette it makes. This is the eyes first read of the pose, and it should be clear. In your pose, the left arm is missing, and when I fill in the pose, the silhoette looks unclear. I did a quick sketch to show you how you could fix that. As far as your painting, it's also a little confusing. Mostly because you have light areas that shouldn't be in the dark areas, and the color temp of the light is all over the place. I did a quick paint over to show you what I mean, I hope all this is helpful :)
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omg thank you for this, I'll definitely work on this. That silhouette tip is amazing.
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