January Proko Challenge Results

CHALLENGE: We're starting the year off right with a challenge judged by illustrator, plein air artist, and landscape artist, Tiffanie Mang! You might recognize her stunning landscape paintings, and now it's time to try your hand at making some landscape thumbnails of your own. Using any traditional or digital medium, or a combination of both, create 5 2"x2" landscape thumbnails! Tiffanie will judge entries based on ability to simplify, readability and design, color choice, quality as a group, and storytelling.

Prizes provided by:  Wacom, Sentient Academy,  Vision X Live Conference, Trekell, Canvy and Proko.



Winners will be contacted via the email on their Proko.com account.

1st Place

Joshua Elek - @joshuaelek
Wacom One Creative Pen Display
1 year access to Sentient Academy
Vision X Replay Pass 
1 year Canvy subscription
Proko Figure, Portrait, and Anatomy courses

2nd Place

Wei Chai - @wei
Wacom Intuos Small Bluetooth
Vision X Replay Pass
2 Proko courses of your choice

3rd Place

Patti Vincent - @pattiv
One by Wacom Pen Tablet
Vision X Replay Pass
1 Proko course of your choice

Team Choice Award

fauna - @fauna
$250 Proko Gift Card

Community Choice Award

Hilary Rose - @hilaryrose
$250 Proko Gift Card

Skelly's Choice

Anabelle Laureola - @anonabelle
Proko Skull

Wacom Random Winner

Donnie Lindsey - @dlstudios
Wacom is awarding a random participant a Wacom Intuos small tablet.

Trekell's Choice

Emy Syrop - @emysyrop
Trekell Brush Set for Winner’s medium of choice, Trekell Panel, Trekell Brush Soap, Trekell Brush Restorer, Trekell Brush Case

Sentient Academy Choice

nofo- @nofo

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

Zarko Radovanovic - @zarkorad

Tomek - @ktomas

taylor_g - @taylor_g

Neguvi - @neguvi

Mauricio Bedolla - @mbg

Julia Nedzynska - @julia_nedzynska


Julia Kamenskikh - @julia_kamenskikh

Gareth Jones - @gareth_e_jonesproko

Fatine Aouiniya - @Fatine

Camilo Garcia - @caagarciaga

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