Heroes or Zeroes? Pro Comic Artist Reacts!

CHALLENGE: This time around we have professional comic artist Ryan Benjamin as a judge for the prompt Unexpected Superheroes. Create a superhero that’s completely unexpected! Maybe Baked Potato Girl and her “Chives of Justice”, or Boat Man “Buoyant Protector of Waterways”, or Power Pug the “Barrel-chested Puppy Police”. Ryan will judge based on character design, storytelling, accurate anatomy, and exaggeration.

Prizes provided by: Wacom, Trekell, Sentientacademy, and Visionxlive

1st Place

Renva - @renva

Prizes: Wacom One Creative Pen Display, 1 year access to Sentient Academy, Vision X Live Replay Pass, Proko Figure, Portrait, and Anatomy courses

2nd Place

Djibril - @djibril

Prizes: Wacom Intuos Small Bluetooth, Vision X Live Replay Pass, Proko Figure, Portrait, and Anatomy courses

3rd Place

Rafa Alvarez - @caffeine_studio

Prizes: One by Wacom Pen Tablet, Vision X Live Replay Pass, 1 Proko course of your choice

Team Choice Award

Dan Walden - @danw

Prize: $1000 Proko Gift Card - The Proko team will vote on their favorite.

Community Choice Award

Mira Sand - mirasand

Prize: $1000 Proko Gift Card - The community will vote on their favorite.

Skelly's Choice

Cyn Illustrations - @cyn_illustrations

Prize: Proko Skull - Skelly will choose his favorite.

Impromptu Awards


1 Proko Course of Winner's Choice

Best Anatomy

Steve Lenze - @pifalo

Best Presentation

Noah Albrecht - @iamnoahalbrecht

Novel Award

Docc - @docc

Stinky Award

Carlosrdzart - @carlosrdzart

Deadliest Marshmallow

Zoungy Kligge - @lkligge

Clever Award

Ace Santillan - @acegs

Coolest Bunny Girl and Monster Award

Burning Armadillo - @elor997sz3

Good Time or Fine Wine Award

Bunkstunkis - @bunkstunki

Sticky Award

Mr_Person - @mr_person

Style Award, and Trekell's and Sentient Academy Choice

Ned - albinocroc


Trekell Brush Set for Winner’s medium of choice, Trekell Panel, Trekell Brush Soap, Trekell Brush Restorer, Trekell Brush Case

Prizes: 1 Year Skill Accelerator Subscription ($360 value) - Sentient Academy will select a winner who used traditional media.

Wacom Random Winner

Hella Drawing - @cecile_borrey

Prize: Wacom is awarding a random participant a Wacom Intuos small tablet.

Random Proko Winner

Ayoatlas - @ayoatlas

Prize: Proko course of winner's choice.

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

Germán Olivera - @german_olivera

Austin Worland - @austinworland02

Julia Nedzynska - @julia_nedzynska

Dani Flajsz - @onnotangu

Riley Brown - @rileycomicart

Annikagi - @annikagi

Nikoloz Sabauri - @yelloworc

vilveart - @vilveart

Lucian Acatrinei - @dragonwarrior

Mitch - @mitch961

Ofelia - @ofelia

Khae Tan - @khae

Lex Brunova - @lexbrunov

Lara Lara - @laralaraworld

Kieron Panteli - @ronpanteli

hikskun - @hikskun

John Washam - @john_6

Damien Dederichs - @damiended

Adela Creative - @info_42

Thumbnail art by Austin Worland

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