T.F.i.L. (Acronym for "The Floor is Lego", the hero name chosen by him) is a hero capable of changing the surface of anything he touches into Lego bricks. This power only works when used on inanimate things or his own body. The bricks come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They can be arranged in a consistent pattern across the object's surface or tilted for extra damage, and can also be used as stair steps to reach high places. It all started at the end of 2027, when Thomas Phillips was hanging out with some friends and they were approached by a funny looking man, who was selling candies. The man called himself "The Candymaker" and claimed that his candies tasted better than anything else in the market.  Doubting what he had just said, the friends bought some from him (at a surprisingly reasonable price) and ate them. Each candy was shaped like a different object, Thomas ate the one shaped like a Lego brick. It really didn't taste like anything he had ever eaten before, which raised his curiosity. When asking if he could buy another one, Thomas received a weird answer: "One person, one candy. That is the rule of The Candymaker." After saying this, the funny looking man turned his back and walked away. That was the second weirdest night in Thomas' life. A month later, Thomas woke up, got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash his face. After washing his face, he looked into the mirror and saw something weird... there were dozens of Lego bricks apparently attached to his face, some even looked like they were coming out of his skin. Thomas looked at his hands, and there were Lego bricks all over it too. Thomas was terrified. On that day, the same thing was repeated over and over on every news channel: People are gaining super powers. All over the country, hundreds of people seemed to have awakened some kind of special ability, out of nowhere. "Why Lego bricks?" was what Thomas kept asking himself, until he remembered that night, and then things started making some sense... Have all those people eaten The Candymaker's candies? Is that how they acquired super powers? One thing was certain: Thomas would not waste this opportunity. After several months of training, Thomas was ready. Making use of his unique ability, he started fighting crime and saving people, he was now known as T.F.i.L, but some people called him "teefil" because it was easier to say it this way, or just "fil" (which sounded oddly familiar to the beginning of his last name). Well, people called him a lot of things, to be honest, but what matters is: Thomas is now a superhero. And he fights, not only for justice, but also for answers... Who was The Candymaker? Will he ever come back? What was his plan, giving all those people super powers? How is he even capable of giving people super powers? Thomas can only wonder... And I hope he finds out someday.
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