Riley Brown
Riley Brown
Riley Brown
Name: Dr. Niko Fritz (Peaceful Victor of the people) Alias: The Freudian Accordion  Age: 44 Occupation: Musician/ Psychologist Hobbies: Writing music, Working out, Polka Dancing Favorite Band: The Kenosha Kickers History: Deemed a musical prodigy at the age of 5, he learned that his audience was visibly moved by his talent. Through this observation he devoted his life to understanding how music could manipulate emotions. He became an esteemed contributor and leading expert to Soundwave Psychology. Powers: Super Intelligence. Master Musician. No. 1 Psychologist in the world. Using his trusty Accordion, he can force sound waves to overwhelm and confuse the Id and Superego of his target to experience a vast array of emotion(s). This can range from euphoria to existential dread, or any combination in between. This sets the stage for him to mentally disarm his target rendering them defenseless as they question their own worth and/or pondering if their mother would approve of their life choices.  Weaknesses: Despite his heroic stature and affinity to personal health and working out, he is human and can be injured by a wide range of weapons and abilities.  Catch phrase: “You can run, you can hide… but you can’t SLIP by the Freudian Accordion!” Notable victory: As the most popular musician at the time (1999), Dr. Fritz received an invitation to a secret party. At this party he overheard several high profile attendees discussing a backdoor takeover of the surrounding nations. After intermission, Dr. Fritz played an original piece that was so moving, all the party goers were mentally reverted to infancy, soiling their clothes and losing all motor function. After authorities were called to the scene, it was determined that he single handedly foiled the rise of the 4th Reich.
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