Anatomy of the Human Body Course

In the Figure Drawing course you learned a lot of core concepts of drawing the figure, but your training isn’t complete if you want to take your drawings from looking good to looking like masterpieces. Without an understanding of anatomy, your drawings will always feel like there’s something wrong. They won’t have that level of detail that you’ll see in a pro’s work.

I’m so freakin’ excited about how awesome this course is going to be. After this course you won’t need to guess what all those bumps are. I’ll teach you all the anatomy you need to draw the forms accurately and make them look like real people!

Videos are uncensored. Beware of private parts.

This is an active course – I post new lessons as I finish them, once every 2-3 weeks. You can do the assignments with other students on the Facebook Group.

What You’ll Learn  |  Features  |  Sample 3D Model | FAQs

3-pack anatomy


Or get each part separately for $115:
Torso | Arms | Legs

3-pack anatomy


The perfect course bundle for learning to draw the human figure. Includes all Anatomy courses, the Figure course, and the Portrait course!

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The ultimate Proko bundle. Includes all Anatomy, Figure, and Portrait courses, 9 Model Packs, 4 Model in Motion Video sets

What You’ll Learn


The structure of the skeleton, its joints and landmarks helps you with proportions and drawing the body in motion

Tracking Muscles

The origin and insertion (attachments) of muscles helps you place the muscles in the right spot and draw the right shapes

Simple Forms

The planar blocky forms help you with shading, accurate perspective, and making the muscles feel 3D


Understanding the layering of muscles helps you draw what everything looks like on the surface of a real person

Cross Sections

Cross sections help you visualize the layering of muscles

Variation / Body Types

Understanding body types helps you identify what kind of person or character you’re drawing, increasing accuracy and creative freedom


Knowing how to idealize helps you remove the things that hurt the drawing and add the things that are missing to make it better


The function of the body as a machine helps you understand its limitation and how to draw the body in motion – flexing, stretching, relaxing muscles…


Knowing how to actually draw this stuff helps with.. well, drawing this stuff!


Extended Lessons

Premium videos will be longer, covering more information about each muscle and including more of the deeper muscles. You’ll get to see more examples and drawing demonstrations.

Demos & Examples

More example drawings and real-time demonstrations. Most of us are visual learners (we’re artists!), so hearing it explained is not enough. We have to see it many times.

Assignments & Answers

A variety of exercises to help you learn the information. I will actually show you how to do the assignment so that you can check your work.


There’s an ebook version of each lesson that you can download as a PDF. Print them out or keep them on your device so you can quickly review the lessons.

Critique Videos

Students that follow along with new videos and submit assignments have a chance to be in critique videos. After critique videos are made, students can email me for private critiques.

3D Models

You will be able to see 3D models corresponding to every lesson.. In your browser! No need to download any software. These will help you study the anatomy further and it’s a great aid for the assignments.

Sample of 3D Model

Many of the lessons will have a corresponding 3D model allowing you to study the volumes in 3D, rather than flat diagrams you see in books.
INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the image below and give the wizards a few seconds to perform their magic. Once they’re done, you’ll be able to use your mouse to rotate, zoom and pan around the model.

Trouble? – Read the system requirements on the plugin’s website

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there 3 courses?

Each course will explore that part of the body in detail. Together, they would take too long as a single course. As three courses, you will learn everything you need to know about each area, and spread out the payments if needed. If you want all three, you can buy them together and save money.

What is the difference between Premium and free videos?

Premium videos are extended versions of free videos. This includes additional demonstrations and critique videos. Whenever diagrams or photos are provided, premium students get high resolution versions, which you can download and print for your reference.

The videos are downloadable, so you can watch them without internet access and transfer them to a tablet like an iPad. Going on vacation? Download them so you can watch them on the plane and in that cabin in the woods.

You also get access to 3D models. See the example above.

How long is each course section?

The basics section (included in all sections) is 3 hours and 43 minutes. Torso is 25 hours and 30 minutes. Arms is 18 hours. Legs is 6 hours and counting (still in session).

Are all parts of the course finished?

The torso and arms anatomy courses are finished. The legs course is currently in session with new lessons being added to it on a regular basis.

After the course starts. Is it too late to join?

No, you can join and watch them at any time.

Is $115 a monthly fee?

No, it’s a one-time payment and you have access to the Anatomy videos forever. You are essentially purchasing a product. It’s not a subscription.

Can I break up payments for the course?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer a payment plan for the anatomy course. However you can pay for each part separately to avoid a big one time purchase

Can I buy this course as a gift?

Absolutely! You can get as a gift for someone using this checkout

Can I download the videos?

Yup! Each video is downloadable as an mp4 file at 720p. Please don’t share the videos. Each purchase helps to create future videos like these.

Can I get this as a DVD?

Right now, I’m offering this as an online only course.

Can I send my drawings for critique?

Yes, you can email me your assignments from the videos and I will reply with a critique. Premium members get priority for critiques.

Are there subtitles in my language?

English subtitles are available on all videos. A downloadable transcript is also available for each video which you can translate to whatever language you want using Google Translate and clicking on the ‘Translate a Document’ option.

Do I get access to all videos you make in the future?

No, this includes only ‘Human Anatomy’ lessons.

Are the Premium videos censored?

No. These videos contain nudity. Beware of private parts.

Will you teach male and female anatomy?

Yup! When there is a difference in the anatomy I will show it. Such as proportions of the pelvis, rib cage and shoulders, addition of breast tissue, etc. I also use male and female models in all lessons to show the differences in muscle and surface volumes.