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Fear of Critiques and Attempting Photorealism – Draftsmen S1E01

June 4, 20197 Comments

Stan and Marshall discuss fearing critique but growing from it, finding a good balance with feedback, and what they think about photorealism. Marshall is teaching a workshop and Stan loves his shoes.

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  1. Angelize says:

    Hello, I know this might seem a bit random but out of curiosity would you consider going more into the skull and facial muscles for anatomy

    • Sean Ramsey says:

      There’s gonna be an Advanced Portrait course in the future that will go into detail on the facial anatomy. It’ll be a while before any real news on that course comes out though, but keep your ear out for more info in the future!

  2. Leviathan says:

    Hi. I’m not calling. Don’t really want to hear my own voice. I don’t know if this comment will be in the running as a topic of discussion because of that, but I’m going to try anyway. With that said, here’s my question (and a half): With the resources available today online (online courses, critique communities, etc,) do you think that paying for any kind of traditional art school is worth it? Or at least is opting out of it, and instead thoroughly going through cheaper options such as in combination with say the likes of Aaron Blaise’s material (among others) just as good or better? University costs are pretty steep, materials can add up, and while ateliers are more affordable, it’s 2019, if Google doesn’t know, it can at least point you in the right direction (it pointed me here.) Noah Bradley e-famously said, “Don’t go to art school,” and I want both of your stances on that. With diligence on your side, the only real downside I’m seeing is maybe networking. I’m not trying to be convinced one way or the other, I’ve already made up my mind. I’m what they called a “non-traditional student” and I got $#!^ to do, but I’m still curious.

    • Sean Ramsey says:

      Thanks, Stan and Marshall have actually talked about doing an episode on this topic in the future! We haven’t recorded it yet but you can look out for it in upcoming episodes.

  3. Robyn says:

    Hi, I can’t call in as I’m in the UK! I wanted to ask about how to make a transition into a career in art? I’m in my 20s and finishing a PhD in science, but my heart is actually in art! I know that people say it’s never too late to learn, but I don’t have the connections that I may have had if I had gone to art school instead of science school. I would appreciate any advice on this topic!
    Thank you very much Stan and Marshall!

  4. milt says:

    I think of a cartoon as reflecting the individual expressive style of the cartoonist. A drawing style is consistent, but is not necessarily realistic. I think every artist has their own personal drawing style, although they can borrow ideas from other artists’ drawing styles when they want to. When I expand this idea beyond cartooning, I see personal style expressed in lots of illustrators’ works.

    Could you do a video on personal drawing style; where it comes from, how it develops and what a personal style is well suited to portray?

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