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NOTE: This course was designed so you could enroll at any time and go at your own pace. You can watch lessons that have already been released. Expect new content once per week.

This course is currently active, so if you submit your work for the latest projects, you could be included in the critique videos!

Anyone can learn how to draw, like anyone can learn how to speak. Drawing is a visual language. If you learn the vocabulary and grammar of the visual language, you can communicate with pictures

You’ll learn the most important foundational concepts for drawing anything and soon you’ll be able to draw pictures from imagination or from reference. This course is designed to keep you drawing, without getting burned out or discouraged.

It’s heavy on information, lame jokes, and projects. There's even two levels of each project - one for absolute beginners and one for intermediate folks who are here to review and polish their fundamentals. That means you can go through the course twice! First as a beginner and then as an intermediate artist. What? A two in one?!

We'll start by building habits to draw with good line quality. Then we'll move on to shape, which is the main concept that communicates the subject you're drawing. So, it's important to understand how to design interesting shapes to design your own characters and objects. Then we'll make those shapes 3D! We'll learn the basics of perspective and how to construct form intuitively, without complex math and grids. Finally, we'll learn how to add light and shading to our drawings by controlling values and edges.

If you commit to this course and follow along with the projects, you will get better at drawing. You’ll have a good foundation of skills that carry over to every specialty. Whether you plan on becoming a fine art painter, concept artist, or comic artist, this is the prerequisite course!

What you will learn
Get setup with all the right paper, pencils, erasers, pens and markers. You don't need anything fancy for this course (just pencil and paper), but I'll teach you the nitty gritty of what's available to you.
Find out how to make tapered strokes, confident lines, vary your line weight, and more.
How to break subjects down into simpler shapes and how to make your shapes more interesting and dynamic.
The basics of perspective to understand how to draw a box, cylinder, or any simple primitive in 1 point, 2 point, or 3 point perspective.
5Intuitive Perspective
Instead of learning math and grids, we'll do exercises to get you comfortable drawing freehand perspective intuitively, so you can construct any 3D object from imagination.
The first step in learning how to shade is understanding and correctly seeing values. We'll build up your ability to organize the values in your drawing to represent clear light on form.
Edges are the transitions between shapes and values and are very important to make your drawings feel 3 dimensional and exciting.
Premium Benefits
Extended Lessons
Premium videos will be longer, covering more information about the topic. You’ll get to see more examples and demonstrations.
Exclusive Lessons
Premium students have access to additional lessons that are not available to watch for free students.
A variety of exercises to help you practice what you've learned. After you do the assignments, you can post them in the community for feedback and see what other students are posting.
3D Models
Some lessons include 3D models that you can view right in your browser! No need to download any software. These will help you study further and they’re a great aid for assignments.
Assignment Demonstrations
The instructor includes demonstrations that show how to do an assignment or how to use the information taught in the lessons. Most of us are visual learners (we’re artists!), so hearing it explained is not enough. We have to see it many times.
Step by Step Process
Watch step by step video demos from start to finish with educational commentary from the instructor. Most of us are visual learners (we’re artists!), so reading about it or hearing it explained is not enough. We have to see it!
Includes content that the student can download to any personal device for offline viewing.
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