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Ghada Dudts Mzid
Hello guys! I drew this today, it took like an hour. The intention is to practice for storyboarding. I would love some critiques please. Suggestions of resources would be great as well ! cheers ! <3
2021 10 31
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Pasi Leinonen
Hey! I can see that it is sometimes hard to get feedback and help, but I try the best I can. I haven't done storyboarding and I'm not a any kind of professional. But I have few things that might help you. First one is, that it might be easier to get feedback and learn about storyboarding if you draw an actual storyboard. Maybe like one page, with multiple images and a actual part of an story on it. Then if I look this drawing, whitch is really good, character is very well drawn for a hour's practice, I would add some story value on it. Is she going up or down? you can change it by making her look eather up or down. Then I would try to tell more about this character, is she an angel? or a superhero? outfit could help the viewer. Hope this helps and good luck. You have good sketching skills.
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