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Hello! At this moment i'm following the "reddit curriculum" over here: And i'm posting about it weekly in this topic: working on this i'm noticing that i like to draw a more cartoony/ comic/ stylized types of drawing. One thing i'm always struggling with is inking. I thought it would be fun to extend the curriculum with a unit about this topic. So i have the following questions: -what are some good exercises to work on to get better line work -What are some good artist in terms of inking to study? -Any good (free) online resources about this topic? -Other tips and tricks i should keep in mind/ check out. preferably i work digital (procreate). Thanks!
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Hey, @Geert-Jan! Before anything, great job - keeping a long streak in an art learning journey is a big challenge, and, by looking at the topic where you’ve been posting your progress, it seems to me that you’ve been managing to keep a consistent study flow. Quick disclaimer, I’m not an inking expert myself. But I’m constantly tuned in to work on my lines too, so I thought I could share some thoughts on your questions. — EXERCISES TO GET BETTER LINE WORK  @Stan Prokopenko has been talking a lot about lines in his Drawing Basics course lately (since you’re enrolled in it, I suppose you must have seen). And I think the lesson on the tapered stroke is especially useful for improving line work: How to Draw Confident Lines - The Tapered Stroke As you probably know, the lesson is geared towards pencils, but a confident line is a confident line regardless of the medium, so I’m sure the lesson’s advice and exercises can help improve line work when inking too. Also, Stan has a lesson on How to Hold and Control Your Pencil - which, again, is not specifically about inking, but does show the overall path to developing line control. — REFERENCE ARTISTS FOR INKING Here’s a quick list off the top of my mind: . Joseph Clement Coll . Al Herschfeld . Will Eisner . Kim Jung Gi . Peter Han . Alex Toth . Joe Sinnott . Tom Palmer — ONLINE RESOURCES ABOUT INKING / LINE WORK / PROCREATE Here at Proko, there’s a free video by @Ryan Benjamin: Digital Inking Tips From a DC Comic Artist - He uses Clip Studio Paint, but I’m sure you can adapt a lot of the information to Procreate. I also like the free tutorials on digital painting over at CtrlPaint. They’re directed to Photoshop, not Procreate, but, again, I’d say it’s just a matter of adapting however possible. These three videos below, in particular, are about line techniques: . And there’s a nice book called “The art of comic book inking”, by Gary Martin, which you can probably find online in PDF. The other resources I know of are not free, but are certainly good. @David Finch has a course on Creating a Comic Page here at Proko, and there’s an entire chapter dedicated specifically to inking, plus various other lessons related to line work in general. There are also various courses on inking over at - Try typing “ink” in their search bar and see if anything interests you. Resources about inking on Procreate specifically, I don’t know any yet. There is some good stuff for Procreate, but they usually cover painting techniques in general, not inking - for example: . @Marco Bucci has a course on Getting Started With Digital Painting here at Proko, which includes specific lessons on Procreate; . There are Procreate brush packs by @Lane Brown ane @Court Jones here at Proko too (look them up under the “Tools” tab); . And on Schoolism, you’ll also find a couple of courses about Procreate - Maybe try searching their course library. — ADDITIONAL TIPS As I mentioned before, I’m not an inking specialist, but here’s my best guess for additional tips which I believe could help: . Practice, practice, practice… . As much as you like Procreate, don’t let go completely of traditional inking. Practicing with a real brush will probably allow you to better control your stylus as well. Maybe even combine traditional and digital in your exercises. . This could be a bit of a long shot (or not?), but I bet practicing calligraphy could be a helpful complement to developing line confidence for inking. —- That’s all I’ve got for now. Hope you’ll find anything helpful. Best of luck with your studies!
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@Liandro Thank you so much! That is a great list with a lot of intressting resources. I think it would be fun to devote a complete unit to inking, once i've finished my current unit. Thanks!
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