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Unsupportive Parents and Toxic Environments – Draftsmen S1E08

July 23, 20192 Comments

Stan and Marshall talk about toxic environments, how an artist’s family and/or school can create situations that hold them back and how to overcome them. A caller asks about creating an attractive portfolio for Disney and Stan actually forgot about this week’s “thang”.

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  1. Hello Guys, Big fan and aspiring artist here.

    Listened to your podcast and one thing really stuck out to me when Marshall mentioned that psychology book “Games People Play” I can certain attest to its insights.

    When I was in my 20s I was in a bit of a slump I had just been made redundant for the 2nd time but hated the job so I wasn’t that bothered. I was obsessing over a girl who wasn’t interested into me (she was into my friend) so nothing was happening.

    I distinctly remember walking into the kitchen after waking up late (again) and offering a caveat to my mum that I was going to do something soon and fix my misfortunes/unhappiness/etc.

    She turned around and said something along the lines of Its okay Hun, I dont care if you dont succeed, you could work in McDonalds and I wouldn’t care, just know that we dont expect anything from you so dont worry.

    I walked away thinking so they have written me off basically. It was like a bubble burst and suddenly I could see that firstly I wasn’t happy, secondly no one believed in me and thirdly no one really gave a shit if I made something of myself in fact they were prepared and somehow already thought I’d go nowhere.

    Thats when I went to college to study games development then went to university (the first in my family) to study animation. The course was hard and I did burn out a lot (18+ task per unit – none of them small). All the while the fire in my belly was more or less “Ill show them, you dont write me off”.

    My career isn’t exactly where I wanted to go currently but I do get to animate and I am building more work behind the scenes to ultimately get into the games industry. I draw every day at lunch time on my ipad I draw every day last year and this year I have a few projects underway some with my former business partner. So even though I’m not there I already believe I have surpassed the lofty ambitions they thought I was capable of.

    My intention was never to get rich but to love what I do and to ultimately show that you dont write them off. I love my mum but damn what she told me really stoked my fire.

    Hope this helps!
    All the best

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