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Mauri (from which derives the English term "Moors") was the Latin designation for the Berber population of Mauretania located in the part of North Africa west of Numidia, in present-day northern Morocco and northwestern Algeria. 

This time I've created reference photo pack with a different approach than usual. This package is full of colors, materials, playful warm/cold light conditions and costumes. You'll find many portraits, full body poses or turnaround postures. This collection of photos is rather an inspiration for calm scenarios. You can expect dynamic poses as an expansion of this topic to be released next week. You can use it  for photo-bashing purposes as well. I hope you'll find a good use for this character in your work whether it's for books, posters or your own special projects.

Pack contains 494 JPEGs, 3000px per longer edge

Have a nice and creative day!


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