Strahinja Milutin
Strahinja Milutin
Strahinja Milutin
Hi, Andrew. For the kneeling man I used a drawing from the Gottfried Bammes book Anatomy for Artists, and for the other two I used photo references. The left foot of the standing figure should be lifted a bit more, but I couldn't get it to stand properly for the photo. I call the trio "People in despair" :D. It took me a little over one hour for each figure.
DSC 0469
DSC 0470
DSC 0471
DSC 0476
DSC 0478
DSC 0479
DSC 0481
DSC 0483
DSC 0484
DSC 0485
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Strahinja Milutin
Hi Andrew. I'm late for the challenge part, but some feedback would be very much appreciated :). I'm a 3D artist, trying to become character artist :D So for the past two years I've been studying anatomy, and doing some figure drawing along with traditional sculpting attempts. I haven't used any home made tools , because when I got my sculpting tools I just threw away everything I made myself. I tried to work mostly with my fingers, and occasionally use the ones in the photo. Thanks!
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DSC 0103
DSC 0104
DSC 0105
DSC 0106
DSC 0107
DSC 0108
DSC 0109
DSC 0110
DSC 0111
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