Alejandro Silva
PLOT "Reverie" is a film about my personal experience drawing and painting fantasy creatures. Creating fantasy worlds in our heads is something that I'm sure every one of us do often. With that premise, I thought about a story where I fall sleep looking at the moon on a full moon night, when I wake up everything seems extrange to me, I am in another world. That world is there for me, I get lost in all its majesty and greatness. Wild life in this fantasy world conforms a rich enviroment of new species and I feel the need to draw them so that I have notes of every creature, every piece of land.  On my way I meet unknown creatures such as the ones you see on the film poster, who help me find a way to return to my world at the same time we fight dangers and discover secrets well hidden. After living an adventure with theese characters, I have to make the final decision, do I want to go back to life or do I want to stay there forever? Will I ever remember this world? THOUGHTS My main idea was to create an "8" composition with all the characters involved in the plot. I also wanted me to be on the bottom with the book so that creatures looked like they are coming from the book somehow. I wanted to avoid making them literally coming out of the book but rather make the book the base of the painting so that hopefully it has that feel of giving life to everything. Hope you like it, you guys are all very skilled, can't wait to see all submissions left.
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