What AI Developers Want Artists to Know about AI

The topic of AI has taken over the art community lately. People are angry, Scared, excited. People are now suing each other. There's drama.

I think we should be holding bad actors accountable and pushing back on things that we feel are unethical or illegal. This is a must to have a balance of people who are pushing full speed to develop this stuff and people who are saying "wait slow down, let's do this right".

And I think the way to actually be part of the conversation is to try to be respectful to everyone we talk to, whether we agree with them or not. We artists should be having mature friendly conversations with people in the AI space to help guide a path to a less painful transition, whatever that could be..

So, today I'll be speaking with Evan Conrad. Evan is the founder of Everyprompt.com, and runs AIGrant.org, which invests in and supports AI startups. Their advisors and team include CEOs and top people from MidJourney, Stability, Tesla, Instagram, Github, and Apple. 

If you wish to contact Evan Conrad to ask questions about art and AI, you can either DM on Twitter or email at art@everyprompt.com


00:00 - Intro
01:02 - Tech vs Art
05:46 - What's AGI
07:36 - Can't stop the Border
10:19 - People Making Profit 
12:25 - Stability AI
19:07 - Ethical Part of Collecting Data
12:27 - Making Specific Art Styles with AI
25:09 - Automation and Value
28:27 - Transitional Period
39:52 - Predicting the future
43:17 - How AIGrant Collects Data
53:50 - Are we training AI when we use it?
56:54 - Why Not Let AI Do That
01:00:31 - Deep Mind
01:09:15 - West vs East Coast
01:14:15 - Advice for Artists
01:17:37 - everyprompt.com


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