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Finding Time to Draw – Draftsmen S1E06

July 9, 20191 Comment

This episode starts with a bang! Marshall adds onto last week’s episode about choosing *older* art parents. Stan talks about hyper-analyzing our schedule to identify blocks of time that we want to use differently. It’s amazing how much time can be created by using our time more efficiently. We can draw more every day if we know how to make time for it. Marshall discusses external structures and deadlines to force us to finish things and identifying the non-negotiables in our schedules. How do we balance personal life and work? A caller asks about selling art and joining a gallery.

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Michelangelo’s ManBaby
Justin Sweet
Stan’s Early Commissions
Stan’s Award Winning Painting
Eddie O’Connor – Psychology of Performance
Proko Skulls
Moguls & Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood

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  1. Eric Reuss says:

    Hey Draftsmen,

    Here’s a question about color/color theory. I just started working with color after working on other fundamentals, and I’m enjoying it. My ultimate goal, is digital but was wondering if there are lessons a artist needs to learn using water color/acrylic etc, before colouring via tablet. Am I robbing myself a learning opportunity, or anything I’ll learn doing it traditionally I will get if I work with the tablet enough?

    Love the pod,


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