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DIY Art School Part 5 (Workspace and Equipment) – Draftsmen S2E08

June 9, 20201 Comment

Recreating art school from home ends with a discussion about how much equipment an art student needs and the importance of a productive workspace. Stan and Marshall talk about starting digital painting with $65, how a little discomfort can be beneficial, how limitations can improve or hurt creativity, and separating work from home.

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  1. Taylynne says:

    I really enjoyed this series! In this episode Marshall mentioned Lydia (I think it was him) and I’ve got to say: Libraries!! One of the county libraries I have a card with here in Kentucky has Lydia free with the active library card! It’s awesome, I was so excited when they announced they were gonna offer Lydia. Libraries are awesome sources of free (or almost free) learning materials. It’s worth checking local libraries and libraries from other counties to see if you can get cards with them and what online resources they have. I’ve seen people talk about large public libraries in Boston offering cards for a free for out of county/state, but it may be worth it for people depending on what resources you’re looking for.

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