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This course is what I've learned about anatomy from over a decade of being an artist, all boiled down to a "survival" guide for drawing human anatomy. It's a straightforward way to get you started with the basics. If you sign up, you'll dive into each part of the body in bits that are easy to handle. We're talking about the head, torso, arms, and legs, and yes, that includes both male and female forms.

I put these lessons together to highlight how key it is to know the bones and muscles underneath to nail dynamic and realistic human figures. And don't get me started on gesture drawing—it's a big deal here because it's all about getting the feel of human movement down.

Each part of this course is aimed at giving artists the tools to add those anatomical details to their work, no matter if you're into illustration, concept art, or 3D modeling. This stuff will help you get a solid grip on human anatomy for all kinds of artistic projects.

What you will learn
1Shading Primitives
Learn shading and lighting basics with a step-by-step guide on rendering shapes and a marble bust in black and white.
2Gesture Essentials
Become familiar with the gesture drawing process. This section highlights warm-up exercises, anatomical landmarks, and techniques for capturing dynamic, realistic figures.
Dive into the human head with a focus on skull anatomy and muscles for better portraits and character designs.
4Torso (Male and Female)
Master the torso's anatomy for figure drawing with detailed instruction on bones, muscles, and gesture drawing techniques for both male and female body types.
Get guidance on drawing arm anatomy, focusing on skeletal and muscular structures with practical sketching tips.
Get a leg up on anatomy by learning the bones, muscles, and drawing techniques for drawing legs.
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Includes content that the student can download to any personal device for offline viewing.
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