Narrated Overview - Chris Christie
Narrated Overview - Chris Christie
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Art of Caricature

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Narrated Overview - Chris Christie


Narrated Overview - Chris Christie

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Hello, this is the caricature of John Cleese : rough sketch and final sketch. Thanks a lot.
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Jesper Axelsson
Hi @Arnaud BARBIER, nice job! The feature lines seem to converge correctly, and the eye sockets really feel deep and dimensional in the second image. And most importantly, I think you've captured some of the likeness. -I find it tricky to critique caricatures, so I went ahead and did a few quick sketches myself. Afterwards I wrote down a list of things that I think showed up often in my sketches. Some that I found that I think could be brought into yours are: expressive eyebrows; his right (our left) feels raised and pointed, compared to the other one mischievous smile (raise the corner of the mouth, moustache and nasolabial fold to show this) - In your second image, it would be nice if you indicated the chin's planes to give it a stronger sense of structure. I hope this is useful :)
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Freelance commercial illustrator and caricature entertainer. He’s done a lot of editorial and product illustration and concept work for film and TV.
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