Technique vs Draftmanship?
Hello peeps, I was listening to the DIY artschool (knowledge) episode of Draftsmen the other day. At one point, Marshall was saying that a teacher once told him that the 3 most important skills for an artist are: technique, draftsmanship, and composition. He didn't explain the difference between the first two, however, and I'm quite curious about it because I thought they were the same thing. Anybody got any ideas on this? Have a good day.
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Peter Anton
Yeah, I agree with the other commenter. Technique would be brushwork, line quality, and rendering. Draftsmanship is your proficiency in perspective, form, and anatomy. So a movie metaphor could be that draftsmanship is the script and technique would be the actors bringing it to life.
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Leon ter Molen
Hi @Neón , I can't speak for @Marshall Vandruff (or the teacher that told Marshall ;) ) , but the way I interpret it is that technique is your control and knowledge of the materials you work with (oil, watercolour, digital etc.), and draftmanship the skills you have in drawing, for me this includes composition, but linework, values and your understanding (of the construction and anatomy) of the subject you are drawing as well. I am curious what others have to say about this. -Leon
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Cool, makes sense. Thanks!
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