Need Help With Skull Front View Proportions
K. C.
Hi guys, I’m wanting to draw a front view of a human skull and looking for good visual references or tutorials for proper proportions. I understand I can use Loomis as a guide, but having trouble figuring out where to place the features and what size the features are. It’s a little different than the human Loomis head because we’re placing eye sockets nasal cavity, jaw bones and teeth etc. So far on YouTube, I’m either seeing overly simplified explanations with no real reference points for placement of features, or else overly technical explanations where you draw a million guide lines that you’d never remember to replicate. Looking for tutorials with that sweet spot where it’s simple enough to follow but also detailed enough to show proper proportions and where to place features and roughly what size they should be. Any help appreciated!
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Hi there K.C. Thank you for your post. I think it depends on how you digest the information. For me what worked, was Watts' Head Drawing Fundamentals with Brian Knox that helped me understand how the skull plays into the drawing. He uses the Riley rythms to explain where the features of the skull fit in the concept. I would highly recommend you checking that. Vonun brings a good point to checking the Anatomy course here on Proko as well. If you want a tutorial that perhaps goes a bit deeper like "the eye socket is the size of the distance from the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the teeth;" I'm not sure how much are we allowed to suggest other schools, but the Life Drawing Academy has a pretty cool tutorial on the skull where it explains the proportions of the features on a skull. You can also check SOA channel on Youtube, That is more academic is ran a a profession at one of the universities in Kentucky, but it's pretty good as well. I hope this helps
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hi i don't really know anything about proportion but i think that you should post it in the anatomy community section, i bet a lot of people would have great tutorials and such. i know it is not what you are looking for in this comment but i still hope it helped.
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