Looking for a critique on this background drawing
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Martha Muniz
Hello! I see you're applying the rule of thirds, which is a pretty trustworthy composition to keep things balanced but also interesting. I also like the use of depth as you placed the vanishing point directly on the third. I do think you could further reinforce these two ideas by adding volume to the fence, especially as it gets closer to the viewer. Giving it a 3D description (a visible top and side plane) will both add depth and help counterbalance the bushes on the right side, which take the picture a bit out of balance due to their darkness and heavy mass. Darkening the fence, more towards the side of the viewer (the bottom left), adding another element in the blank ground/sky area, or reducing the mass/darkness of the bushes can also help. Again, this is if you are aiming for a balanced composition. Composition is entirely dependent on the effect you want to achieve in the viewer. I highly recommend checking out this Draftsmen episode for more composition tips: https://www.proko.com/s/U627
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Dennis Yeary
Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. I’m still figuring out the perspective and composition thing. Thought every time I try it I get a little better. I will take account by adding volume to the fence next time
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