Improving boxes and cylinders
@Jesper Axelsson here are the exercises. Now that I look back on some of my previous boxes I definitely see what’s off about them. It’s difficult trying to still imagine boxes but it’s getting a bit more easier now with this concept of extending my lines. With cylinders I’m still fretting over elipses. I’ve been trying to freehand them for a while( since last month) the ghosting method helped a bit but I still felt that my Elipses were still off so if u have some insight on what might help that’s much appreciated. I will be looking at marshals perspective videos soon so looking forward to that and thank you for the references.
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Jesper Axelsson
Hi @silentmoonss, nice studies! We'll stay with these for a little while, so I would encourage you to do other stuff along side these, such as personal projects, if you have the time. ELLIPSES - The ellipses look good! Round and clean and pretty good shape. They can still be improved on, but this is something I would say you do slowly over a longer period of time. You don't have to grind them, but practice them as a short warm-up every day, and you'll slowly see them improve. I did a paintover with a suggestion of how you can check your ellipses. The key is that it consists of 4 equal pieces, as described in the attached image of my previous reply. To have something to refer to, you can just google "ellipse template" to see what an accurate ellipse looks like. BOXES -The boxes look good too! The convergence is slightly off in most of them, most notible in #2. But discovering this was the point of doing the exercise. In my paintover I also point out that in #2 & 3 the vertical lines shouldn't converge that way. The paintover explains it. Let me know if it needs clarifications. Next: Do 10 more, striving for proper convergence as in #5. Also keep in mind the notes from the paintover. To spice the exercise with some stimulating challenges, try to draw the boxes as cubes (all edges are equal in lenght). When doing this check your proportions with a 3D model or cubic form at home, AFTER you've tried drawing it yourself. Make corrections if needed and move on to drawing the next cube. Repeat the process. Here is a 3D model: You previously mentioned that you struggled drawing perspective intuitively. One thing that has helped me make perspective more intuitive is to imagine touching the things I draw. For example I might imagine laying my palms against the planes of the box, and sometimes my imagination gives me this hunch that "hmm... these planes don't feel parallel." When doing your next set of boxes, feel free to play with this. CYLINDERS I really like how clean the ellipses are in some of them. They appear as having been done in a single stroke. Impressive! For your coming cylinders, you don't have to do that. Feel free to work in an eraseable medium and to build the ellipses with multiple strokes. Being able to draw the right ellipse immideately is great, but I find it to be really hard. I think it's one of those things that you slowly build confidence in, through warm-ups. The most important thing is the accuracy, so feel free to build the cylinders with multiple strokes. The cylinders look correct for the most part, but I think there is room to build more confidence. The angle of the ellipses could be improved, this is most clear in the top ellipse of #1. Try to get the minor axis perfectly in line with the line piercing the length of the cylinder (AKA the cylinder's major axis). In #4 the angle of the cylinder's major axis looks off. That has to be correct as well, for the ellipse to be placed correctly. Do 10 more. Again feel free to build them with multiple strokes. Focus on getting the angle of the ellipse and the cylinder's major axis correct. If you want to spice the exercise with some extra challenge, try to draw a cylinder of consitent proportions. You could use the cardboard part of a toilet paper roll as reference. Like with the cubes, check the proportions AFTER you've tried drawing it yourself. Like with the boxes feel free to play with your imagination, and imagine touching them as you draw and check their accuracy. Hope this helps :) Keep up the good work! Let me know if you have any questions!
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