I love retouch varnish
Jan D.
Hi Only been painting in oil for a few months so I didn't really get a chance to varnish anything. But this painting had some big issues with variable glossiness so I gave retouch varnish a go and I loved it! Feels like its the first time I can actually see all of it without the values going all over the place. Easier to take pictures as well. The only thing is that some dust got stuck to it which is annoying. I have covered it with a sheet of baking paper between each layer and thought that would be enough. Idk, will have to find a more dust free place for varnishing. Anyway, this is a repainted version of an older digital work that I wanted to do in oil from the start. hope you like it!:) C&C welcome:)
retouch varnish 1080
retouch varnish 1080 det2
retouch varnish 1080 det1
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Irvin Torres
Looks great. Cant seem to find that stuff in Mexico :(
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Jan D.
Couldn't you order it online? Winsor & Newton sell it I think. I found my one in the most obscure art shop tbhXD It's on the back of a book shop, covered in spider webs and I'm pretty sure i was the first customer there in a long time. The owner was looking at me with amazement.:D The only other place has a little corner with art supplies and don't have much in there. Gotta love small towns:P