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Rylie G
He y’all! It’s been a couple of years since the last topic on this in the boards, but I was wondering if there happens to be a Proko discord server? I’d LOVE to see one for really quick feedback or general discussions, really just the community aspect as a whole. I think the Proko site is great and would prefer to keep using this for the lessons, projects, and teacher interaction etc. but I would be even more motivated to practice on a daily basis if there was a more easily accessible community aspect! If there isn’t, I’m also open to any other art-learning-centric Discord servers that anyone has joined! Thanks for the time :)
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I would love one as well, but managing a big server is really hard. as for art centric servers, maybe join the draw a box server or the alex huneycut one or maybe the server of some art youtubers like scott christian sava.
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