Critique Requested!
Hello there, thanks for clicking on this! I was wondering what critiques you might have for a painting I did. I wanted to capture a moody scene, and even though it didn't match my vision in terms of contrast, I think I'm quite pleased with the result, although there are definitely spots to improve. Thank you for your time!
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Steve Lenze
Hey drawingdodo, I like the painting, and I think it does have mood. The thing I noticed was some problems structurally with the head. Even though we are only seeing part of his head, you should draw the whole thing so that everything looks correct. I did a quick sketch to show you what I mean, I hope it helps :)
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That is fantastic feedback, thank you so much! I especially love the more hair floating in the water, it could be a great way to add some more interesting shapes. Thank you for taking the time for this!
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