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Martha Muniz
Hey Dennis! This is a cool concept and pose for Aang :) What is your objective for this piece? It would help to know if you want to follow the exact style of the original show or if you are aiming for something more realistic, or something in between. That said, for the pose itself, you are demonstrating knowledge of the form structure and mannequin, but don't neglect the flow of the gesture that acts as the guide underneath. I think it is most needed between the transitions, as relying more heavily on structure alone can lead to the figure appearing blocky and stiff. Look for flows between areas of the figure, especially around joints, and how you can simplify into CSI lines. Especially be careful of two parallel curves (they can look like parentheses () ), like seen in the arm touching the ground, as this can block the flow. Instead, try having the curves alternate/end at different points, or simplify one side to a straight edge. Simplification throughout can also help add clarity to your drawing before it gets too busy, to make it more clear and effective. One last quick tip, if you mark the direction of the eyes, they are currently heading in different directions, which could give the impression of a lazy eye. Especially for this pose, a more concentrated look could be more effective, so I suggest having the eyes head towards a specific point or direction together, as if he is focusing on a specific object.
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