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Anyone here with experience in making a Indy video game?
Dennis Yeary
Cause I am thinking working with a game developers on a website. So my question is what do I need to do so the the video game developers and I be on the same page. So I can my idea for a game come true
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i've dabbled in the past with creating small games myself. There are a ton of options to create games. There are even game engines where you can develop a game without programming knowledge, so if you can't find someone to work with, you can always go that route. But creating a game is a lot of work. So if this is your first game, it is important to keep the scope small. To find a developer, there are many communities on the subject of game development, you can always try to post there to see if there is somebody willing to work with you. The game engine that i've used in the past is: (they have a forum where you can post a team request: Gamedev community on Reddit: I hope this helps!
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Dennis Yeary
thank you, yeah i feel the best option for my art skills is get into creating video games being part of the process
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