Am I drawing gesture correctly?
I have recently begun practicing gesture drawing using Proko's "How to Draw Gesture video. I am a complete beginner in gesture and anatomy, so I am unsure if my drawings balance gesture and proportion well. The first eight drawings were done in 45 seconds and the rest were made in 2 minutes and 15 seconds. I plan to move on to Proko's next gesture videos once I am confident in my basic gesture ability. Does it look like I understand the basics of gesture and is there anything that I may still need to improve on? Thank you!
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Erwan Audefroy
I think the other 2 people before me already said it right but I'll add this in case it might help you. Think about the signature people use to sign legal documents. Those are gesture lines. Your gesture drawings could look kind of like that. With lines that go as far as the impulse takes you without worrying about nailing the outline of the model you are drawing.
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Melanie Scearce
It looks like you absolutely understand the basics of gesture! Moving forward, I would recommend (if you aren't already) using the overhand grip. It will help you achieve my next suggestion -- try to use light, long, and sketchy lines as you work to find the line of action in your gesture drawings. This will help you to keep your drawings loose and gestural, allowing you as you progress to add the anatomical structures over top of your gesture drawings without having to erase your lines. As always, go at your own pace as you know your level of understanding best, but also don't be afraid try more challenging exercises. Cheers!
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Steve Lenze
For a beginner, these are not bad, you captured a lot of gesture in the poses. The one thing you could think about is avoiding copying the contour, and focus on creating long "S" and "C" curves that describe the whole pose. If a part of the anatomy pokes out, but ruins the long gestural line, then leave it out. I did a quick sketch to show you what I mean, I hope it helps :)
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