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Edward Dyson
Edward Dyson
Saint Louis
Hey everyone here's my first anatomy tracing assignment (i can only do the first assignment cause I'm only at the free version of the course :c) I came here because i wanted to learn the anatomy before i tackle the shading part of the figure drawing course. can't really shade something if i don't know what I'm shading right? i have a question going into this assignment. and it's what's the point of this assignment? i did the anatomy tracing but i didn't learn any anatomy terms. i just copied what stan did without knowing any of the muscles, tendons, and bones! was that the point of the assignment is to just copy what stan is doing? I'm clearly missing the point here and if anyone can clear me of my confusions of this assignment i would greatly appreciate it! :)
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Edward Dyson
When short of information resources try googling "back muscles". It's also free.
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