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Tracing, Cheating, and Imposter Syndrome – DraftsmenS1E19

October 8, 20191 Comment

Does copying from photo reference make you a fake artist? Is tracing considered cheating? Do you even have an art license?! We share our opinions about photobashing, tracing, and drawing from photos. We also discuss the debilitating effects of imposter syndrome and how it might sometimes be a good thing. Stan’s thang brings back childhood memories 🙂

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Andrew Loomis – Fun with a Pencil

Andrew Loomis - Fun With a Pencil

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David Kirk

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Helio Frazao

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Maxfield Parrish

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Jessica Nguyen

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  1. barbara miller says:

    I really like your podcast, and Marshall’s perspective videos have been a game changer for me. My question is – can you recommend online instructors for direct oil painting methods? I have tried many, but they seem to struggle as much as I do and I am not learning a repeatable process. P.S. I especially like Marshall’s book recommendations (and condemnations). His strong opinions are a breath of fresh air in this sometimes wishy-washy world.

    Thank you.

    Barbara in Annapolis, MD

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