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Struggling with Motivation as an Artist – Asking Pros

August 8, 20190 Comments

Asking Pros is back with Season 2! In this episode, I went to Comic Con to ask 20 professional artists if they ever struggle with motivation, and if so, how they deal with it. I have 7 more episodes coming, so stay tuned 🙂

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Thank you to all the artists that participated:
Philip Tan
Sean Galloway
T.J. Geisen
Sanford Greene
Cutter Hays
Marshall Vandruff
Erik Gist
Brian Haberlin
Peter Han
Stephen Silver
Bobby Chiu
Karl Kopinski
William Stout
Lucio Parrillo
Eliza Ivanova:
Vanessa Lemen
Sean Andrew Murray
Pascal Campion
Colin Lawler
Chrissie Zullo

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